Welcome to Harmony Hall for All!

Harmony Hall is a place for musical creation, education, discussion, and performance. This is to be accomplished not only with offering of lessons and classes, which I have already begun to do, but also to create an environment for people of all ages to be able to come together and connect through the playing and singing of music together. This is something that, especially for adults, is a rarity, with instrumental ensemble opportunities being available only at the community band level or at professional levels.  There seems to be so many more options that we could offer. The objectives of such a business would be to raise the value of continued education and involvement in music throughout life, to introduce others to instruments and types of music that are new to them, to learn more about various cultures and historical eras using music as a vehicle. I want to share my passion with musical people who do not have a creative outlet and who need a personal connection through music. Beyond the initial offering of lessons and classes, I plan to develop Harmony Hall further with the initiation of connection with local schools and city arts and music programs to collaborate to teach classes.

I am driven by the idea that music connects people, and so many adults would benefit from chamber music in their lives. I am working to develop a collective for people of all ages and abilities to join so they, too, can experience the magic of making music with others. Ultimately, I wish to have a space in which this kind of collective/collaborative service may function.

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