Of musical and general harmony.

People are isolated from each other because of hectic schedules, learning challenges, and social conventions of spending time on busy work or time-wasting activities. Music can help us connect with each other.  In my work, I assess the strengths and challenges of musicians, then I try traditional and alternative learning and practicing methods to encourage improvement, and finally, I integrate the musician into a group to work with others.  This is done through lessons, classes, coachings, workshops, round-table critiques/discussions, and collective collaboration, both within the music community as well as across creative disciplines, such as visual art and dance.
In addition to connecting to others and getting a chance to make music, this gives participants an opportunity to feel like they are part of something much bigger than simply practicing alone.  There is a possibility that the collision of talents, skills, personality, and enthusiasm will synergize into something nearly magical. Many musicians have experienced this, as have some audience members.  If you do not know what I’m talking about, check out Eric Whitacre’s TED talk below, as he is quite good at explaining it.

This kind of synergy or balance I describe creates a sense of harmony delivered through music, created by musicians, connecting them to one another as well as the listeners. This improves our abilities to collaborate, problem-solve, and enjoy our lives.

Ultimately, I aim for a greater vision of general harmony, of which music is just a piece.  By working together on community gardens, dancing together, learning languages that are new to us and using them to get to know people and cultures that are also new to us, we will create a harmonious environment of knowledge, improvement, and respect.  And that should be music to everyone’s ears.

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