Think of the children!

While it is true that living beings focused on growth via constant improvement will thrive, and those that have not will perish, I think we need to remember that none of us are immortal, and all of us have a 100% chance of death.

If our time on this planet is finite, we need to do what we can with what we have, and it would be even better if we used our resources and actions to help make a better life for others, as well.  We should be in this together.

My wish, in developing this Harmony Hall concept, is to work with all people, all ages, all skill levels, with varying musical interests.  In these initial developmental stages, I cannot help but notice that if I pitch my ideas as something that helps children, it is received more favorably and by a wider audience than a pitch that centers on adults.

Generally speaking, our society focuses on everything possible that we could do to encourage the growth and improvement of youth.  This is wonderful, but it is only a start.  If we treat music and the arts as something to help with child brain development, or as a fun extra-curricular activity, where do they get to continue the learning and enjoyment of music-making when they are adults? To be fair, yes, there are community bands and orchestras, as well as some offerings through college continuing education departments, but it is a slight afterthought, at best.

I propose that we construct a way for music, art, dance, and any creative pursuit to become part of our everyday culture, for all of us.  It will cultivate respect for current creative endeavors, nurture the budding ideas and creativity of our youth, and it will encourage continued growth at any age.
Yes. Think of the children/our future adults, and present adults/former children.  Do what you can to encourage them all to grow and thrive to their greatest potential. No matter the age or ability level, we all have something we contribute to the world, so start contributing, and encourage others to do so as well.

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