Connect with others ~ change your life!

Are you a musician?   Would you like to improve your life with music-making?

Consider changing up your routine to include making music with others.
It is no secret that, as adults, we tend to fall into humdrum patterns and habits that can invite boredom. In a Todman psychology article written in 1981 by Dr. Thackeray, he points out that continuing down that path of repetition and monotony to the point of boredom results in increasing our stress levels. And, as we are likely aware – stress has negative health consequences, according to many studies, including the ones conducted and reported by William Lovallo in his book Stress and Health (2004).

How does Dr. Thackeray and others with similar studies advise to remedy the problem?  By shaking up one’s schedule to break the monotony.  And if you play a musical instrument, you could do that by coming to Harmony Hall for an evening of collaborative music-making with others. It is there that you could meet new people, have a night of social interaction of music and chatting, and maintain or improve the health of your brain with such socio-musical interactions.

Take a moment to imagine how this might change your life.  Do you have a fairly long workday, and do you return home to a quiet night of TV and reading?   Or does your work follow you home so that you end up being swamped with work and stress all day and evening?  By coming to Harmony Hall a few times a month, you would interrupt those patterns, leave the stress behind, and reconnect with the joy of making music, which is compounded by the happiness of working together with others. Often creative activity such as musical collaboration encourages creative thinking and problem solving that will positively affect your working life.  This would lower stress and offer a feeling of balance. Some people also feel that their collaboration in music helps them express themselves, feelings, and stories in a different way that was not possible with mere words, and that is a satisfying experience.

So dust off your instrument that has been waiting for your return.  Bring it to light, come to Harmony Hall, meet with others and engage with them collaboratively through music making.  By creating interest, improving brain function, reducing stress, and lifting your spirits, your life will be better for it!

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