Yes, it really has been almost two years since I published anything on this blog.  And that is because I have been struggling in several ways.

Firstly, I ended up giving up a life of freelancing and building my own business for the time being. While I still believe in getting more people who enjoy music to play it with others, I realized it wasn’t a viable option for me on which to make a living.

Secondly, I enjoy teaching flute, traverso, and historical performance practice.  Piano lessons, however, are not my bag.  I shall leave that to those fantastic instructors who fit that role so much better.

Thirdly, I had to admit to myself that I am very selective in the music I enjoy hearing and playing, and tolerate a little outside of that.  Though I am willing to try out different genres of music, I have to be honest with myself as to what I can stick with through the long haul.

Many other factors played into this:  I was tired of asking for monetary help, I tired of dealing with depression and various health difficulties. I disliked so much in life, and attempting to wear the positive face with all of that going on drained me so terribly that I was exhausted all the time.

Life is slightly better now since I started working at a music publishing company.  I can get by financially. Since I’ve started walking and jogging, I feel better overall. And I’ve been working on music projects that I enjoy that also challenge me.

I hope to post a bit about musical projects that I’m doing in the near future.  Additionally, I have another blog that covers life in general, not just music, at Garden of the Muse.

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